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Training Solutions

We are in the 21st century and educate automotive consumers seek
a more fresh and modern approach to buying a vehicle,
are you connecting with them?

Automotive Internet Sales Training:

Internet Sales Training – Courses One-Six

Boost your appointments that show ratios by at least 30% when you complete Course One!  This course covers: how to meet the 21st-century buyer’s expectations, develop your value, separating yourself from competitor’s, identifying strategies for building relationships, gaining commitment, obtaining prospect information, evaluating a lead, setting appointments, outbound phone call structure, email composition, leaving effective voicemails, follow up guidelines, daily operations process and CRM process as well as benchmarks and reporting.

There are six courses all designed to increase salespeople’s performance one step at a time.

One-on-One coaching will follow each course to ensure learned processes are implemented immediately.

One-on-One Coaching

Increase performance through live implementation of outgoing phone calls, incoming phone calls, leaving effective voicemail, composing emails that encourage responses back as well as CRM usage.

Department Manager Coaching (aka Internet Director)
We will coach your leader on how to effectively structure and manage the Internet Department team through process, benchmarks, reports and effective training as well as ongoing meetings.

Inbound Phone Sales Training:

Salespeople will learn the skills necessary to enable an effective call that sets the appointment. Your team will learn to sell themselves and the value they provide along with gaining strong commitment to themselves as well as to the appointment. You will see improvement in better control on the phone, a more engaging conversation, professionalism, and an increase in showed appointments.

Service and Parts Inbound Phone Call Training

Did you know that nearly 80% or more prospects from your dealer website are for the Service Department?

Your team will be able to infuse new and realistic approaches to their present approach and in turn will increase professionalism, appointments and profitability.

This course focuses on: professional etiquette, defining a strategy for an effective phone call, inbound phone call structure, increasing better communications with prospects/customers, managing the conversation, increasing trust and dealership reputation, presenting value before price, stating the value vs. the competitors, setting appointments, leaving effective voicemails and identifying a call back strategy.

Bike, Boat, ATV Sales Training

We have all of the above courses designed specifically for the motor sports industry!

Are you trying to increase your appointment ratio’s?  Do you have a department designed for one or more of the following goals:  handling inbound sales calls and scheduling new and used car appointments, converting internet prospects to showroom appointments, scheduling service appointments, customer care follow up phone calls and lease renewal/retention.

e-DS customizes courseware to ensure your BDC receives department relevant information no matter what your present goals are designed to achieve.

Analysis of present Internet Foundation and BDC Operations:

If you are unsure how your Internet Sales Operations and/or BDC is performing, we will come in and do a thorough evaluation and analysis of present processes and approaches. We watch daily operations, assess email and voicemail communications as well as listen to actual phone calls. We organize a complete summary of each person as well as review the opportunities for ongoing success.

Remote Management:

EDS representatives will log in to your lead management tool to assess the present processes, communications, and usage. In addition, EDS will log in to your call tracking program to listen to incoming calls and evaluate salespeople’s performance. An evaluation report for both areas will be created to inform your management on each internet manager’s successes and opportunities for improved results. This ensures ongoing success and prevents problems from reoccurring.

Internet Marketing Strategies Coaching:

With so many companies all competing for your business, it’s difficult to know if you are making the right decisions on products and services.  Our advice, direction and recommendations comes from over 13 years of experience specifically dealing with automotive internet related products/services.

Most of our clients have questions about:  website provider, lead conversion products, trade evaluators, SEM, SEO, third-party lead providers, secondary credit lead providers, pre-owned inventory pictures and videos, e-newsletters, advertising online, google ads, website reporting and performance measurement, leveraging mobile technology, email marketing lists, CRM products, social networking, dealer rating sites and so much more….

We will help you organize a game plan for your ongoing success!  Let’s face it…most of your customer’s are online and your presence is crucial for your brand and reputation.

Interviewing Candidates:

Not sure who you should hire to handle inbound phone calls or internet prospects?  Maybe you would just like a second opinion?

We will work directly with you with the goal of hiring the right team to handle your bread and butter prospects.  We provide phone interviews and will email you a report of the interview as well as direct comments about the potential hire.

Need help with placing an ad?  We will guide you with content placement so you have a higher probability of receiving realistic candidates.

Executive Management Coaching:

We will coach your management team on internet department expectations, tips for success, benchmarks, reporting, essential products as well as effective website components, new technologies, and all of your internet marketing strategies. We will do market research to show your team the opportunities that exist and how you will leverage your online presence to maintain your brand awareness and equity as well as increase your competitive advantages.

We have hired the best training and development company
in the industry to help us create our courses.
The company we use even trains the
ASTD (American Society for Training & Development)
which is the industry benchmark for excellence.
We believe in quality standards in everything that we do.