Jennifer Suzuki

Sales Class

Sales (4 Week Program) - Sept 2, 9, 16, 23

Every Thursday in the greater New York area during September and October eDealer Solutions Presents the Managers and Salespeople 8 week program “Service to Sales Class”.  Learn how to convert service clients into sales and acquire used inventory, improve internal work and retain clients! Our average dealership adds $80k gross to the bottom line right away, just in vehicle sales, not including trades, recon and other profit angles. This is not approaching service appointments with a basic appraisal call! This is putting deals together with a highly strategic approach. We will help you select the right people in your store to learn these advanced selling skills! Join the waitlist now  —— Click here to contact us or call us now for more information – 800-625-1590 Limited seating. Get on the waitlist now!