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Digital Retailing Subject Lines

You’ve got to put together an email with an effective subject line to respond to the DR lead you just received! I’m going to show you some ways to increase open rate by learning some subject line techniques.

When you have a strong subject line, buyers will be interested just enough to take a peek and that’s the goal!

Right now, look down at your phone and open up your email. What do you see? The senders name then about 1-8 words in the subject field and maybe 6-8 words under that as the beginning parts of the email sent to you. These words will determine if the buyer opens your email.

About 33 percent of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.

All too often, your email templates have a pre-written subject line just waiting for some attention! Here are some guidelines to help you assess what you are doing now and give motivation for seeking to improve outcomes.

  • Personal
  • Friendly
  • Concise
  • Relevant
  • Original
  • Compelling
  • Avoid asking questions
  • Less than 6 words

Think about what is relevant to the buyer right now.

There are many exit points they can drop off at during their vehicle research on your site. Knowing the breadcrumbs, the trail they leave for you pick up on, you will want to read the actions they took so far so you can make this subject line relevant, concise and personal. Keep it 100! You really want to do your best as humanizing the subject line so it feels like a human sent it. Check the trail from their journey on your site and use some of those clues in your subject line.

Here’s the DR scenario

Buyer selects two same make vehicles, views payments on a finance deal, then changes their money down and drops off at the credit app.  

Now, let’s put a subject line together that will meet these guidelines.

  • Hey Tom, it’s Jen
  • Hey Tom, I’ve got both vehicles
  • Tom, here’s a link to your car deal
  • I’m a big fan of <Make>
  • Add your trade for accurate payment

When you give your subject lines a little more attention and love they may just get opened more! And this is the goal with an effective subject line. Because 54% of people’s emails are spam, you have to try a little harder to push through those weeds. By using these guidelines, you can put more thought into how you respond. 

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